We all learn in class (well, hopefully) but sometimes we also just want to move and breath and check out a little. It's important we make meaningful time for learning so we continue to expand. I'll be holding a workshop every month on something new - a pose or a set of poses, an action, or a theme. Email me if you have any requests! 


Sunday, July 12th at 6pm - 7:15pm 

Understanding Upward & Downward Facing Dog

We all think we know these poses: but how well do you actually? These seemingly standard yoga poses are complex, nuanced and extremely challenging. The good news is that all of the actions you need can be found in yoga's foundational postures. In this workshop, we will explore the alignment, benefits and various actions involved in these two essential poses (where to find them in other poses and how to put them all together). Expect to dive into detailed action of the legs, so that you can move beyond a blanket cue of "use your legs" and start to understand which parts of the leg should lift up, which parts should be move out and which parts should draw in. 


Strong foundational poses are essential for a healthy, beneficial and strong yoga practice. Come learn with me!

Suggested payment amount is $20 - as always, it can be more or a lot less. As you need. Please email me to sign up by Saturday, July 11th at 5pm. Thank you!

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