Transforming the Physicality of Stress

Covid has impacted every individual and disrupted every industry. While the specifics vary, almost everyone agrees that life is more stressful than ever before. It is high time we do better than manage stress—as a society, as companies, and as individuals. Let’s learn about it. Tackle it. Best it. 


So, what exactly is stress? It’s harder to define than you might think. Go ahead, give it a whirl before you keep reading. I’d be delighted if you emailed me what you came up with. 


In simple terms, we understand stress to be a state of mental and emotional tension. A feeling if you will. Something intangible. But stress has a physiological component that is often overlooked—and essential to recognize. 


In this ninety-minute workshop, we will examine the relationship between physiology and stress. Specifically, we will study the physiological causes and manifestations of stress arising from desk jobs (and all that is implied by “work” in the modern era). With a nuanced and scientific understanding, employees will learn strategies to reduce stress, improve posture while working, and enhance emotional stability.


Expect interaction, fun, and the unexpected. Team participation is encouraged: it is, however, limited to fifteen individuals. Run-of-the-mill household props will be used but no purchases are required. 


Price is determined on a sliding scale to maximize accessibility. Fill out the form below or email for more information.


The brain needs breaks. It needs downtime to maintain its function. By design, our nervous system requires quiet time to reboot. We all know it, and yet we can’t make time to do it because it just doesn’t seem to fit.


Here’s how you make it fit: show your employees how much you value their well-being by giving them this powerful reset. Make it part of their workday. It’s a win-win: you’ll have happier, more productive employees and they’ll feel better, calmer, and cared for. 


This twenty-five-minute session is accessible to all, though participation is limited to twenty people. 


Price is determined on a sliding scale. Complete the form below or email to learn more.

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