What is this thing?

As a monthly or annual subscriber you gain unlimited access to my video and audio library: 

  • Over 120 videos across five categories: Yoga, Pilates, Target Practice, Meditation & Workshops

  • Yoga of all levels (from basic to advanced; all the bodies are welcome), ranging from 15 - 75 minutes each

  • Pilates classes that work your entire body, strengthen your core while improving balance and  posture

  • Target Practice videos which are short videos with a specific goal: whether that's an intense HIIT workout, a workshop on a specific pose, a Functional Movement video mobilizing the shoulder or Target stretches meant to release strain and reduce pain specific parts of the body

  • 2 new videos each week​

  • Curated ten day programs to provide you with structure and intentional progress toward a variety of goals, including Improving Mobility, Strengthening, and Relaxing & Re-centering

  • The ability to filter classes based on your mood, time allotment, physical focus, props and intensity. 

  • Bonus workshops which break down poses (such as downdog and headstand), actions (such as backbending), body parts and more


You do have to create an account (this seems to be a real barrier for people), but I promise you it'll be worth that grandiose effort.


The best part? I'm here to guide you 100%. Reach out to me anytime for advice on where to start,  what to focus on, and what to practice next. 

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- Videos range from 30 minutes to 75 minutes

- Foundational, Intermediate/Open Level and Advanced classes available

- Workshops

- Short 15 minute classes intended to jump start your morning or wind down your day and help you get to sleep

-Rotating set of videos for you to continue to explore and expand your practice

- Videos range from 15 to 50 minutes

- Core, Butt and Full Body focused workouts

- An instructional video on the basic concept of "Neutral Pelvis"

-Rotating set of videos for you to continue to get stronger in new ways

- Videos range from 5 minutes  to 60 minutes

-Stretches & targeted pain relief to specific areas of the body, including back, hips and neck. 

- HIIT classes

- Amy's signature Functional Movement classes, ranging from 15-50 minutes

- Workshops

- High quality audio meditations range from 5 minutes to 20 minutes

- Guided meditations using different tools such as breath and visualizations