As a monthly or annual subscriber you gain unlimited access to my video and audio library, with over 35 videos to choose from. You do have to create an account (this seems to be a real barrier for people), but for $39 a month (or $299 a year) you get it all: Pilates, Meditation, Workshops, Target Practice (short videos meant to release strain and reduce pain specific parts of the body) as well as a plethora of Foundational, Intermediate and Advanced Yoga classes.  


Whether you're looking to deepen your practice, explore meditation or try pilates, or just get some stretching and pain relief in - this is the place for you. The best part? I'm here to guide you 100%. Reach out to me anytime for advice on where to start,  what to focus on, and what to practice next. 

Still not sure? Start your free trial today. Commitment-free.

- Videos range from 30 minutes to 75 minutes

- Foundational, Intermediate/Open Level and Advanced classes available

- Workshops

- Short 15 minute classes intended to jump start your morning or wind down your day and help you get to sleep

-Rotating set of videos for you to continue to explore and expand your practice

- Videos range from 15 to 50 minutes

- Core, Butt and Full Body focused workouts

- An instructional video on the basic concept of "Neutral Pelvis"

-Rotating set of videos for you to continue to get stronger in new ways

- Videos range from 5 minutes  to 10 minutes

-Stretches & targeted pain relief to specific areas of the body, including back, hips and neck. 

- High quality audio meditations range from 5 minutes to 20 minutes

- Guided meditations using different tools such as breath and visualizations

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