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Welcome! Okay, here’s how it works. As a monthly or annual subscriber you gain unlimited access to my video and audio library. Select a category or choose a plan below to get started. If there’s enough interest to propel this forward, I will add at least one new video every month (hopefully every week ). Here’s what I have so far:



30 minutes: The Third Warrior
30 minutes: Frogs & Trees
45 minutes: Be Humble 
60 minutes: Wolfe's Warrior 2
30 minutes: Teeter-Totter
45 minutes: Eagle Thighs
60 minutes: Expand & Stand
 45 minutes: Arm Balance & Twist
60 minutes: Bind & Balance





Core 15
Core 30
Butt 15
Butt 30
How to Find Your Neutral Pelvis


10 minutes: Upper Back & Shoulder Release
5 minutes: Neck Release
10 minutes: Lower Back, Hips & Leg Release





20 minutes: Yoga Nidra
6 minutes: Love & Kindness Meditation
15 minutes: Breath-Focused Meditation
5 minutes: Breath-Focused Meditation