We all learn in class (well, hopefully) but sometimes we also just want to move and breath and check out a little. It's important we make meaningful time for learning so we continue to expand. I'll be holding a workshop every month on something new - a pose or a set of poses, an action, or a theme. Email me if you have any requests! 

Wednesday, August 12th at 5:45pm - 7:15pm 



Maybe you love them, maybe you fear them, maybe you've never tried them, maybe you've been balancing on your head for years. Either way, I guarantee you'll learn something that will transform your practice. Email me if you have any specific requests! I look forward to going upside down together.

Suggested payment amount is  $20 - $30. As always, it can be a lot less. Please email me at if you have any specific requests! No need to sign up - just show up!

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