We all learn in class (well, hopefully) but sometimes we also just want to move and breath and check out a little. It's important we make meaningful time for learning so we continue to expand. I'll be holding a workshop every month on something new - a pose or a set of poses, an action, or a theme. Email me if you have any requests! 

Advanced Poses With Your [Iyengar] Chair - 2 Part Workshop

Wednesdays, October 14th & 21st,  5:45pm-7:15pm Password: 005850


Chairs are for so much more than sitting in. Picture it: Bow Pose laying on your chair, hands and feet meeting beneath you. Or flip it and try 3 different versions of Wheel using different parts of the chair. Or how about a Headstand that you enter from a backbend? Side Plank anyone? The chair world is infinite. Come learn some tricks to make old shapes new again, and new shapes for the first time.

This is a two part workshop - you must commit to both the classes in order to participate. Suggested payment amount is  $40 - $60. As always, it can be a lot less. Please email me at to sign up. Feel free to include specific requests!

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