My teachings are now available on demand for you to rent (singles are yours for 72 hours, series is yours for 30 days) or buy (yours forever) . If you have a Vimeo account, no other log-ins necessary.

Choose your content: what are you looking for? How often do you like to change your workouts? Maybe you just want the HIIT video or perhaps you're only interested in Pilates.  Do you like the idea of owning the content so you can come back to it anytime or are you more the one (or thrice) and done type? Rent or buy. You decide.


These are recordings of my live zoom classes so please bear with their imperfections (but frankly I think the background rug makes up for all). I'll be changing content every other week.

Series One (6 Classes: 3 Yoga + 2 Pilates + 1 HIIT): Buy $35, Rent $15 (30 days)

Individual Classes: Buy $15, Rent $6.50 (72 hours)


I hope this helps to make your home practice richer.

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