Thursday, April 1st, 7:15pm - 8:00pm ET

Yoga is about much more than asana. The principles and philosophy of yoga extend beyond our mat. And while it's a challenge to reframe them into a modern existence, I believe it is a most worthwhile endeavor. It is a completely safe space: the only expectation is that you come open and remain present.  It is free. All our welcome. Space is limited to 6 people.  Please email me at to sign up - feel free to suggest a topic if you'd like.

Interactive Workshops 

In partnership with Yoga Vida NYC


Wednesday, March 31st 6pm - 7:30pm ET


Maybe you love them, maybe you fear them, maybe you've been balancing on your head for years. Progress is difficult to access in any pose, but inversions often present the greatest challenge because they are very rarely truly taught. We’ll build on our knowledge from the Standing Poses workshop and use simple tools like walls and chairs to actually understand how to improve our inversions. Beyond the goal of balance, we’ll learn to access ease upside down. 


I guarantee you'll learn something that will transform your practice. Email me any specific requests! $20 drop in. Sign up here.



Wednesday, April 21st 6pm - 7:30pm ET


Come learn how to actually balance on your arms. It's rare for these postures to truly be taught in a class, they're often offered as options to those who are game to try it or already know how to come into the pose. In this workshop, we'll begin with the foundational shoulder stabilization and the actions required in all arm balancing. We'll then move on to learn and practice Crow, Lolasana and more. $20 drop in. Sign up here.

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